Australian Outback Sunglasses

Australian Outback Sunglasses

Are you searching online for Australian Outback Sunglasses? Gidgee Eyes specialise in equestrian and Australian Outback Sunglasses and are designed specifically with the harsh Australian outback in mind.
Whether you are a cowboy, a cowgirl, a farmer or just someone that lives in the Australian outback, our polarised outback sunglasses offer style, comfort and most of all, protection from the harsh elements of the Australian outback.

Our lightweight Australian outback sunglasses look great and are suitable for all day wear in any conditions. From bright sunny days, to low light overcast days and everything in between, our interchangeable lenses provide the ability to easily swap lens depending on the day’s weather conditions for maximum performance in all lighting conditions.

Working in the Australian outback can be demanding to say the least, dealing with dust, dirt, mud, glare and all the other harsh conditions that come hand in hand when working in the Australian outback. At Gidgee Eyes we realise this, and we have specifically designed our sunglasses to maximise eye protection while providing comfort and performance for those hard working Aussies that are exposed to these conditions every day.

We have a great range of sunglass styles for both men and women and all our sunglasses come in a range of colours.

Our Australian outback sunglass range includes;

  • Fender
  • Equator
  • Enduro
  • Elite
  • Clean Cut
  • Charisma
  • Cadence
  • Liberty
  • Willow

Our lenses are made from highest quality poly carbonate compound and are perfectly suited for land based activities. This poly carbonate allows for maximum strength whilst providing minimum weight.
Our lenses are available in grey and brown tint. With our sunglass frames interchangeable lens feature, you are able to quickly and conveniently swap lenses depending on the days weather conditions.

All of our lenses are tested to ensure compliance with Australian standards and offer maximum UV protection. This is a must for people that are often spending every daylight hour exposed to direct sunlight.

Check out our range of Australian Outback sunglasses today. Shop online and get free delivery Australia-wide.
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