Country Western Sunglasses

Country Western Sunglasses

Are you looking for country western sunglasses? Gidgee Eyes specialise in country western sunglasses and strive to provide high performance sunglasses for people that engage in horse riding activities. Our equestrian sunglasses are lightweight, durable and specifically designed for the active horse rider.

The Gidgee Eyes range of country western sunglasses for both men and women come in a range of different styles that includes Fender, Equator, Enduro, Elite, Clean Cut, Charisma, Cadence, Liberty and our new Willow range and all have their own unique features and style.
With interchangeable lenses, horse riders can easily swap out lenses for the different light conditions they may face on the day. This is a great feature that allows for optimum visibility even in low light conditions whilst still providing protection from harmful UV rays and the hash elements that the outback never ceases to provide.

Our country western sunglasses fit and look great, are comfortable, practical and suit all head shapes. Whether you are a cowboy that participates in professional rodeos, a cowgirl that never misses a campdraft or someone that just loves riding horses, we have a style of country western sunglasses that you will not only fall in love with, but will be your go-to sunglasses while competing, working or simply enjoying a leisurely ride.
With grip integrated into the arms, our sunglasses are designed to stay in place; this is a must for horse riders that engage in high performance horse riding activities.

Require prescription lenses? Goggleman, a specialist sports eyewear laboratory offer a broad range of lens types that can be fitted to existing Gidgee Eyewear frames and they also can provide both.
Read more about prescription lenses from Goggleman for Gidgee Eyewear here.

Testimonial from our team rider, Brendan Kenny

“Gidgee-eyes are not only comfortable and stylish for the competitor; the easy changeable lenses provide you with a second pair of glasses that will stand up to the rugged lifestyle we work in during the week. Not just a fashion statement, a horseman’s everyday essential! – Creative, Stylish, Versatile, Sophisticated, Elegant, Sporty, Casual – A pair for every occasion!”