cowboy sunglasses

Cowboy Sunglasses

Shopping for Cowboy Sunglasses? Gidgee Eyes sunglasses are specifically designed for cowboys and cowgirls and offer superior performance in the harshest of the Australian environment.

Our range of cowboy sunglasses include: Equator, Fender, Elite, Liberty, Cadence, Enduro and Cleancut and are all unique in style and design.

Our cowboy sunglasses are shock resistant, lightweight, and flexible and feature polarised lenses and grip on the arms for superior performance whilst providing maximum eye protection from harmful UV rays.

Gidgee Eyes cowboy sunglass lenses are made from the highest quality poly carbonate compound and are perfectly suited to action based activities such as horse riding. Being extremely lightweight and designed with an emphasis of maximum comfort, our cowboy sunglasses can be worn all day with no discomfort.

Our cowboy sunglasses allow interchangeable lenses which is ideal for Australia’s changing conditions. The interchangeable lens options provides options for lenses for competition, training, working and driving. Grey tinted lenses offer the most neutral light transmittal with negligible colour distortion and are an excellent all-purpose lens while our brown tinted lenses are the most suited to land based activities, softening harsh light and offer extended eye comfort and depth of perception.

Gidgee eyewear frames are manufactured from premium quality TR90 which is high grade nylon selected for its superior level of memory retention.

Eyewear styles are designed to maximize the benefits of TR90 and provide excellent coverage for a wide variety of face and nose shapes. Eyewear styles are designed to ensure they fit in conjunction with a wide variety of hats and headwear.

Our cowboy sunglasses are also compatible with sports prescription lenses by Googleman, a specialist sports eyewear laboratory. These lenses need to be custom made by Goggleman and you can order them directly by calling 1300 464 453 or making an enquiry on their website here. They will need your Prescription and Pupil Distance measurement from your optometrist. A broad range of lens types and coatings can be provided and Goggleman can provide details on all applicable health insurance claims. Goggleman can provide Gidgee frames or can fit to your existing frames.

Checkout our cowboy sunglass range and buy online today.

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