Women’s aviator sunglasses

Women’s aviator sunglasses

Buy polarised women’s aviator sunglasses online at Gidgee Eyes. Our women’s aviator sunglasses are lightweight, fashionable in design and are incredibly popular. Our range of Women’s aviator sunglasses are available in silver, gradient sand, rose, blaze (black), blue champagne and bay (orange) . Aviators are a style of sunglasses that always seem to be timeless …

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Aviator Sunglasses Australia

Aviator Sunglasses Australia

Are you looking on Google for Aviator Sunglasses Australia? Gidgee Eyes polarised Aviator sunglasses are constructed with high strength alloy frames, are lightweight and are able to be worn or day with no discomfort. Aviator sunglasses have always been a popular style of sunglasses, and with the recent release of Top Gun 2, aviator sunglasses …

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Sunglasses for Farmers

Sunglasses for Farmers

Are you searching online for “Sunglasses for Farmers”? Gidgee Eyes specialise in equestrian sunglasses and our range of sunglasses are ideal for our hardworking Australian farmers that often spend every daylight hour on the field working. Our lightweight polarised sunglasses can be worn all day with no discomfort and are built with the harsh Australian …

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Australian Outback Sunglasses

Australian Outback Sunglasses

Are you searching online for Australian Outback Sunglasses? Gidgee Eyes specialise in equestrian and Australian Outback Sunglasses and are designed specifically with the harsh Australian outback in mind. Whether you are a cowboy, a cowgirl, a farmer or just someone that lives in the Australian outback, our polarised outback sunglasses offer style, comfort and most …

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Diamantina Rodeo & Campdraft Association Letter of Appreciation

Diamantina Rodeo & Campdraft Association Letter of Appreciation

Dear Valued Sponsor On behalf of the Diamantina Rodeo & Campdraft association Inc; I would to express our kind thanks in appreciation for the generous sponsorship donation towards this years “Gem of the West” Winton Campdraft. The weekend continues to be family orientated, was a great success and well attended. Please be assured that your …

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Country Western Sunglasses

Country Western Sunglasses

Are you looking for country western sunglasses? Gidgee Eyes specialise in country western sunglasses and strive to provide high performance sunglasses for people that engage in horse riding activities. Our equestrian sunglasses are lightweight, durable and specifically designed for the active horse rider. The Gidgee Eyes range of country western sunglasses for both men and …

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Rodeo sunglasses for men

Rodeo Sunglasses For Men

Do you require rodeo sunglasses for men? Gidgee Eyewear specialises in equestrian sunglasses and provides a large range of rodeo sunglasses for men in a range of styles. We understand that extreme sports such as professional rodeo require performance equipment and our rodeo sunglasses are designed with the harsh conditions of the Australian outback in …

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Sunglass Straps Australia

Sunglasses Straps Australia

Are you looking online to buy sunglasses straps Australia? Gidgee Eyes has a great range of sunglass straps and are available in rose gold, pink, blue, black, aqua, green camo and black and white.. Sunglass straps add an extra level of security and aid in keeping your sunglasses from coming detached from your face when …

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western aviator sunglasses

Western Aviator Sunglasses

Are you searching online for western aviator sunglasses? The Gidgee Eyes Equator sunglass range are designed to sit in place and enhance the functionality of the aviator sunglasses style for practical use for horse riders. Made with high strength alloy frames, our western aviator sunglasses come in a range of fashionable colours and styles. Features …

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Cowgirl Sunglasses

Are you looking for cowgirl sunglasses? Gidgee Eyes specialise in cowgirl sunglasses and our complete range of polarised sunglasses is specifically designed for cowgirls and cowboys. Our performance lightweight sunglasses are shock resistant, stylish, flexible and comfortable and are designed to be worn all day. Perfectly suited to the harsh Australian environment and with the …

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