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Polarised Sunglasses – The Benefits

Polarised sunglasses dramatically reduce glare through directional filtering. You will notice the difference in all sporting environments and conditions where you can find glare on surfaces such as sand arenas, outback dust, roads and water.
Sunlight bouncing off a surface becomes more intense as the light waves are concentrated from the reflection. This is what is referred to as glare. Glare tends to have an adverse impact on our eyes and in outdoor sporting environments can greatly reduce sporting performance.
Polarised lenses remove over 99% of reflecting light that enters the eye and provide sharper and clearer images, increasing visual clearness and comfort whilst boosting the vibrancy of colours.

Some sunglasses on the market provide only UV protection lenses or polarised lenses. Gidgee eyes sunglasses provide both. Our quality lenses comply with Australian standard AS/NZS 1067:2003 and provide 100% UVB, UVA and UVC protection. This is important to maintaining healthy eyesight. Just as we protect our skin with sunscreen, itโ€™s important that we protect our eyes from UV rays as well.
Our performance polarised sunglasses are designed to enhance vision so the wearer can react quickly when they have to. While our sunglasses are perfect for equestrians, our sunglasses are also suited for all outdoor enthusiasts that are exposed to glare and bright sunlight.

Our Polarised sunglasses provide superior vision clarity and contrast.

Polarised lenses can also be worn indoors by light-sensitive people, including post eye surgery patients and those frequently exposed to bright sunlight through windows. All Gidgee eyes sunglasses are polarised to eliminate glare whilst offering ultimate protection from harmful UV rays. Gidgee Sunglasses are also impact resistant with frames constructed from TR-90, a nylon fabric which gives the frame flexibility.Check out our range of performance polarised sunglasses here.

Prescription Polarised Lenses
All Gidgee frames have been tested for compatibility with sports prescription lenses by Goggleman, a specialist sports eyewear laboratory. These lenses need to be custom made by Goggleman and you can order them directly by calling 1300 464 453. They will require your Prescription and Pupil Distance measurement from your optometrist. A broad range of lens types and coatings can be provided and Goggleman can provide details on all relevant health insurance claims. Goggleman can provide Gidgee frames or can fit to your existing frames.

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