Sunglass Straps Australia

Sunglasses Straps Australia

Are you looking online to buy sunglasses straps Australia?
Gidgee Eyes has a great range of sunglass straps and are available in rose gold, pink, blue, black, aqua, green camo and black and white..

Sunglass straps add an extra level of security and aid in keeping your sunglasses from coming detached from your face when engaging in activities such as riding, fishing, hiking, mountain climbing and other outdoor activities where sunglasses can be prone to falling off.

Horse riding in extreme conditions can often be far from a smooth ride and hard jolts can sometimes make sunglasses come lose from the riders face. And in many circumstances, having a free hand to resecure your sunglasses is not always an option. No matter how strong and durable our sunglasses are, if they come between the hard ground and a horseโ€™s hoof, escaping damage is going to be highly unlikely outcome.

Made from neoprene, our sunglass straps, (also known as eyewear retainers and sunglass retainers) are comfortable and lightweight and can be worn all day with no discomfort.

Another great feature of sunglass straps is the convenience of being able to hang your sunglasses around your neck when in a shady spot, when the dark clouds have rolled in and when the sun is going down in the afternoon and you no longer need to wear your sunglasses.

Opposed to lifting your sunglasses to the top of your head where they can still be prone to falling off while riding, sunglass straps will allow you to keep your sunglasses secure by hanging them from your neck until you are able to put them away in a safe place.

Never lose your favourite sunglasses again with Gidgee Eyes sunglass straps.
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