Women’s aviator sunglasses

Women’s aviator sunglasses

Buy polarised women’s aviator sunglasses online at Gidgee Eyes. Our women’s aviator sunglasses are lightweight, fashionable in design and are incredibly popular.

Our range of Women’s aviator sunglasses are available in silver, gradient sand, rose, blaze (black), blue champagne and bay (orange) . Aviators are a style of sunglasses that always seem to be timeless in fashion and are forever trending. They are comfortable, durable and provide great protection from glare and harmful UV rays and look great on all face shapes.

Our Cadence Classic line of sunglasses have that colour combination which look like the “Top Gun” type of aviators and since the release of Top Gun 2, have skyrocketed in popularity.

Our woman’s aviator sunglasses are a high performance eyewear solution that feature high strength allow frames, adjustable and replaceable nose grips, extended rubber grips and offer a variety of interchangeable polarised lenses including natural  brown, grey and gradient that allow users that wish to maximise the performance of our sunglasses in different lighting conditions to easily swap out lenses.

Do you require prescription lenses? Goggleman, a specialist eyewear laboratory is an Australian company that specialises in prescription lenses for performance sunglasses and are able to fit prescription lenses your aviators if you already own the frames and can also supply our frames.

It’s a simple process that allows sporting enthusiasts that spend extended time outdoors to take advantage from our performance sunglass frames by fitting prescription lenses.

If you would like to know more about the services Goggleman provide and to organise prescription lenses fitted to our Aviators, please click this link here.

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